Fly name: Brahma Bugger

Hook: Orvis 8808 #10 streamer hook

Bead/weight: 1/8" tungsten bead with .015 non-lead wire to lock bead in place

Thread: 6/0 Uni (136 Denier), Rusty Brown

Tail and Hackle: Whiting farms chickabou and soft-hackle from the same brahma hen pelt (brown)

I started tying this as an unobtrusive streamer for fishing spring creeks, and realized pretty soon that it made for a great small carp streamer.  When I find fish that are shopping pretty aggressively, this is the first fly I go to.  But at the same time, when tied lighter (these are tied with tungsten), this fly parachutes beautifully and is a great stillwater fly.  In addition to the excellent fishability of this fly, I find the aesthetics of the soft-hackle fibers nearly impossible to beat.