Local Report: Whites and Hybrids

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This past week fishing as been pretty good, starting to find them a little more shallow and on the points which is always a plus with a fly rod. The biggest piece of the puzzle is finding the shad if you can find the shad then the fish typically haven't been too far away. The water temps have started to cool enough I think they're starting to feel the urge to feed, at least the little ones are I haven't found any of the big hybrids yet. Water temps last week were right around 70 degrees some spots as low as 68 degrees, usually we start seeing the feeding pick up when the water temps start staying in the mid 60s which isn't far off, especially after that cold front yesterday. Hopefully the big girls start putting their feeding bags, if you can get to a wind blown point you'll catch some fish they've been close enough to the bank you don't need a boat. The other night we fished a shallow point and caught a mixed bag some whites, a crappie, a couple drum, a largemouth, and catfish so the whites aren't the only thing feeding, and all those came on a clouser, Hit it hard it's gonna be winter before you know it.


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The End of Summer Push

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The last few weeks fishing has been pretty solid some days better than others but the fish are starting to move. If we could get the weather to stay consistent I think the fishing would be more consistent. We got into some nice crappie on a guided trip last week, I put on some Deadbeat 'Dads hoping to them hooked up with some bass but had some pretty big crappie beat them to it. Still picking up a few on top but the streamers have been more reliable I haven't seen as many bugs flying around on the water which might have some to do with it. The few times I've been out the whites are still on the mud flats eating shad I did hear some reports they've moved on to some wind blown points I haven't found them there yet. The hybrids have still been in deep water I was finding them in 35 feet of water and suspended around 10-15 feet down. I picked up a few with a weighted game changer and sink tip line counting the fly down to them, in the evenings depending on the day you can find them on top. Get out and fish while you can come February you'd wished you'd fished more.


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Hog Island Boatworks

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I made a change earlier this year and picked up a Hog Island Skiff, I've been asked why several times and the answer is simple......Size. It's significantly wider than the previous boat and that's exactly what I was looking for. I haven't had it in many rivers yet since I really haven't had the time to get down to the Ozarks so I haven't spent much time rowing it. Unfortunately I'm still not at a place to own 6 boats so I still wanted something that could do a little of everything, and it has.  I've dropped it in the rivers a few times but I've had it in the lakes a lot, and dropped in a few ponds. The roto-molded plastic is different, but I'm digging not having to worry about scratches, it's basically the bastard child of a Yeti cooler and a Jon boat. Johnny from Hog Island was a good dude to deal with too . I'll have it at the Project Healing Waters event at K&K on November 4th for part of the casting games, if you want to check it out. 


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Benefit Rod from Groenenboom Custom Rods


A little over a month ago a good buddy of ours got diagnosed with lymphoma, he's 35 years old and has 4 young kids. This Saturday at the American Legion in Smithville, MO they are having a benefit/fund raiser to keep cover some of the expenses. Landon is donating his time and $350 towards a custom rod build of the winners choice. You get to pick the blank, line weight, colors, finishings, etc..... It's you chance to get a custom built rod and to help a family out. If you are unable to make the event you can text me I'll need full name and max amount (816)509-0760 I'll take bids up to 8 pm on Saturday 9/16/17. Thanks for checking it out and someone is going to win a pretty rad rod. 


Late Summer Fishing

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Now that summer is winding down, school has started back up,  and temps have started to get a little more comfortable it's time to start hitting it hard again. It's usually a mad dash to catch as many fish as possible before winter gets here. The next few months are definitely some of my favorite of the year, April is my favorite by far but September, October, and November are right up there. The whites are on the flats if you can find the shad which hasn't been too difficult to find since they're everywhere and some humps you'll find the whites. They never get too far from the food. I think the best are the ones around old river channels or close to deep water. We typically find them there from now until it starts getting really cold. They've eating anything that resembles a shad especially if they're busting. The bass are still eating on top, we went out the other night and threw frogs and mice, the bite was really good but shut off once it got completely dark. I would say early and late are still the best bet, but you can probably find fish in deeper water or in the shad in the late morning and afternoon. Times been flying seems like summer went by in a blink, if you blink again it'll be Christmas get out there while the weathers nice. 


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Summer Photo Drop

I've been really slacking on the website/blog, and wish it was because I've been really busy fishing. Which I have fished some, not near as much as normal. I've ran several trips and filled several fly orders but actually fun fishing with friends not too much. I think when everyone tells you the older your kids get the more obligations you have, is true. It's been hard to find time to get out whether it's an obligation I've got to take care of or one a buddy does. Hopefully once school starts back up we'll find a little more free time to fish and take care of the blog.  

I've been solo carp fishing a few times and in the low light they're up shallow feeding pretty heavily. I've caught a couple of a generic carp nymph and a handful a Montana hybrid. The bass and blue gill are fishing pretty good early and late, mostly top water stuff, in order to avoid all the vegetation. We found some whites running little like 1.5 inch minnows up to the surface, also found them on the points of the main lake. Imagine they be up there for awhile longer, early and late they busting bait. 

Couple events in the area Plateau is putting there Carpaplooza tournament on currently it runs until August 19th. This weekend in Springfield Pig Farm Ink is putting on an Iron Fly and a Get Trashed stream clean up event, details on Plateau's Facebook page.



Topwater bite is getting pretty solid! Everything was chasing poppers this weekend including other frogs, not  sure if they wanted to eat them or love on 'em. Early is the best and early I mean like on the water at 6. After the sun got up we were still sticking a few on top but the streamer bite was a little more productive. Gar are starting to get up in the spillways we caught a handful on small carp still nymphs. Fishing is really good early and late, get out if you can.