Spring Catch Up

I've been terrible about keeping the blog update, but I'll get you caught up to date. A few weeks ago the hybrids were up on the dams and we were catching them with a just about any baitfish pattern. I was throwing a little bit bigger articulated streamer then most the other guys, but guys were catching them on clousers and wooly buggers too. With the rain and cool weather I imagine the dam game is over for the spring but who knows if your close to one of the hybrids lakes it still might be worth a shot cause sticking them on a fly is pretty awesome. 

For the last couple weeks the bass in the ponds and small lakes have been guarding beds, not really leaving about a 5 foot circle making fishing pretty tough. We were still picking up some smaller fish, my guess is ones that weren't participating in the spawn. The end of last week before we started getting all the rain I noticed the fish have pushed off their beds which made fishing definitely a lot better. The rain and cold weather has definitely slowed the bite, but looking at the extended forecast things should start picking back up. 

Southern Missouri absolutely got pounded some areas received 10+ inches of rain in just a couple days. Guys were sending me video and pics of the James and Elk rivers and I saw a few pics of the NFOW, it's a disaster . It's gonna be awhile before stuff is floatable let alone fishable, thoughts go out to all the people effected. Hopefully they get the relief they need. Once things settle down from the change in weather fishing should be pretty good, if your in the KC area once stuff stabilizes get out there and hang a few. 


Early Season

We haven't moved any donks yet this season, but also really haven't been putting in the time. We got the rain we needed and looking at the forecast we should get the warm weather we need to. Fish have still been moving fairly slow but they're starting to wake up. We've still been throwing sink tips and doing a lot of dredging. It should start going off real soon, being boatless we've mostly been targeting the shallower ponds they're the first to warm up but they're also the first to shut down when we get a little cold snap. I'd say get out when you can cause you don't want to miss the big girls moving up the banks.


They're Waking Up

This little warm spell we've been experiencing has the fish moving. It's far from on fire but you can get out and catch a few which is pretty nice for February. Saturday we went on a little Ozark exploration having to run down for the day anyways we thought we check out the river. It's still really cold, really clear, and really low. I imagine if you can find deeper water and a river that has some more spring influence you could find some fish, but we mostly found suckers and few spotted bass nothing that looked like a smallmouth. But the weather was nice and it was a good change of pace getting outside for the day. The ponds and small lakes are definitely worth giving a shot. I've been catching everything on the bottom, slow stripping crawdads on a sink tip line. You gotta pay attention to the take it's a slow pull for sure. I think I only had one fish that hit the fly hard like they do in the spring, everything else is a really subtle take. Late morning and early afternoon has been the best once the sun has been on the water for awhile. Pretty much everything has been on a Deadbeat 'Dad. Weather looks good for the next couple days, 'Slow and Low" you'll catch some fish.