LOCAL REPORT.......With Rylee and Pa

This morning I asked Rylee what she wanted to do, "Get donuts and go fishing with Pa". Since we've had some really nice fall weather I couldn't disagree with her. The water in the farm ponds is higher then it has been in 5 years and is still off color. The fish haven't moved much from their summer spots they're just a little deeper, and mainly deeper since there is double the water. They haven't slowed down much if any, we didn't have to slow down our retrieves. We managed to catch a handful of fish with Rylee catching the nicest one of the day, on a black and purple single bunny, with her lucky princess pole. If the weather holds up like this we'll have at least a couple more weeks of pond fishing left. Get out when you can cause as you know things change fast around here. And Let's GO ROYALS! Hopefully they put it to the Giants tonight.