Better Late then Never......Beaver One Fly Recap

Well, we caught a lot of fish. Probably partied way way to hard but had a great time, I think. We actually had a blast like always the fishing was good considering they emptied the hatchery the day before we got there. By now you probably know my thoughts on hatchery fish, they are what they are. The fish acted like they were still in a concrete swimming pool fighting over pellets. Needless to say they were not acclimated to the river yet, most not knowing which way was up.

Friday, Mike and I got down to the water around noon and caught several fish on midges. Any sort of midge worked if you could get a good drift, which was kind of difficult with 30 mph winds blowing upstream. We caught them on zebra midges, soft hackles, and stripping crackle backs. Since we started drinking the minute we hit the water I didn't think it was an awesome idea to bring the camera. The nicest fish was a solid 18 inch bow that had been in the river for awhile. While I had him hooked an absolute fucking monster brown was crushing dragon flies when they hit the water. Mike and I both saw her come out of the water a couple times. I guess it was probably between 22-26 inches. I drifted every dry I had in the box past the pool she was in with no luck. We decide to go check out Parker Bottoms so as we pulled into the parking lot they started generating water. Before we got to the water a truck pulled in with a guy that resembled a bad ass, trout bum Santa Claus. His name was Ken, I really wish I could remember his last name, because he was awesome. We sit at the trucks bullshitting for awhile and finally ended up inviting him back for grilled pork chops and potatoes. Zac and Ben finally made it down we ended up drinking way to much and staying up way to late. We blinked and the alarms were going off to get to the pairing for the tournament.

Out of luck I was paired with Mike, we caught about half as many fish as the day before and pretty much got our asses handed to us in the tournament. The winner ended up with something like 64 fish all caught on a black micro jig. We had an awesome lunch and free beer which was well worth the $10 entry free. We decided to not go back out to the water and just hang out til dark. We hit the stream again after dark and fished streamers for a couple hours with pretty good success. Most fish that were caught at night were browns, nothing huge but some nice fish.

I wish I would have got some more pics to share, but ended up having too much fun and didn't feel like taking a bath with the camera. Mark it down next year, cause it's a great time and at the very least you get some awesome scenery and a great lunch.