Fun with Muskie Flies

With the frigid, dreary feeling of winter quickly replacing the fishable weather I have enjoyed for the past few months, I've been screwing around with some big ass streamers to pass the time. Muskies have always intrigued me; their elusive behavior and amazing takes seen in many late nights spent on Global Fly Fisher plague my dreams quite often. Aside from the fish itself however, the flies used to catch them have always been something I have enjoyed tackling. Big flies rock in general. Enough said.

In the past, I have tied similar bugs to cover orders made by guys going after peacock bass, IE 2/0 and up hook sizes, heavy use of saddle hackle, shit-loads of flash, and the all important reverse tied buck tail to achieve the large profile that pushes a ton of water needed to attract the attention of predatory fish. Now I'm no Brad Bohen, but I was pretty happy with the way these turned out, especially considering most of my recent tying endeavors have consisted entirely of dries. Speaking of which, that guy is pretty awesome. If you ever get the chance to chat with him, I would strongly recommend doing so, but that is beside the point! 

Enjoy some pictures.