Maddy's Loaded Diaper & Some Wild Missouri Trout


Well a little different then the last time out, the fish were not looking up today. Landon and I did manage several fish mostly on nymphs. It was almost as fun as watching them break the surface to crush a dry. They were feeding heavy on nymphs and emergers, I got to break out a soft hackle nymph I had been playing with and it produced some nice fish. Most the takes were just directly under the surface before the fly sank making it possible to see the take. As always the fish were healthy and able to put a nice bend in the G2. We spent some time at our favorite holes watching the fish feed and flash on all the bugs coming down stream, the water was clear enough it was almost like watching them in an aquarium. Get out and fish before the leaves fall and the spawn starts, and enjoy the nice weather.

I added the pattern to the trout fly page & put a link at the bottom of the page. Maddy's LD (Loaded Diaper) because it's good shit.


Click on the picture for tying instructions.

Click on the picture for tying instructions.