Soft Hackle Nymphs......Can you fish them Wrong?

I have always been a fan of soft hackle nymphs, the hackle kind of pulsates with the current adding some more movement to the fly. Most often I seem to dead drift them under an indicator or as the bottom fly of a dry-dropper rig. If I have fished a run or pool I know should hold fish and haven't gotten a take, I'll twitch it through the same spots often getting a strike when the dead drift wasn't working. Also raising your rod tip at the end of drift making it look like it is emerging can be very productive. Lately I've been fishing it without an indicator, either dead drifting it or swinging it, and sometimes slowly stripping it and have had some new found success. I think a lot like a leech you have to really put forward some effort to fish it wrong, dead drifted, twitched, swung, and stripped all have picked up fish. It only takes a few seconds and adding some soft hackle to your favorite nymph may just make it more versatile. The fly pictured was just added to the fly tying page the Wooly Nympho has been catching some fish. Here's a link to the tie.