Rylee's Psychedelic Toad

Maybe one of the easiest bass patterns to tie/assemble. You almost feel guilty, I had to add a thread base for the body so that I felt like I was at least tying something. Ever since I created the Lot Lizard I've been playing around with jig skirts and finding ways to incorporate them into bass flies. This is basically a hula popper you can throw with a fly rod. The Psychedelic toad in no way is as cool as some of the painted or spun deer hair poppers, but you can fill the bass box pretty quick, because it's so fuckin easy to put together, plus you won't feel bad about breaking it off. There are a bunch of youtube videos on how to make your own jig skirt I use the cheap $4 tube and rubber band tool. I added it to the bass fly page. Warning don't try to lick it until the sharpie has dried, it's kind of hard to explain why you have marker on your face.

Here's the link for the instructions.