The Midwest Drift World Headquarters


This is where it all happens, most of the blog, all the tying, and 95% of all the tying photos. I'll give the quick run through of what a "professional" work space should look like. Starting from the left is the tower of creativity no work should get done without at least a six pack and no I did not pour any in the tippy cup next to the stack. A well organized material drawer that you cram as much shit in as possible. A Regal vise, it has to be a Regal. Behind the vise a strategically piled mess of Clear Cure and tying tools. The blue construction board/paper back drop. It actually is easier on the eye's when tying and makes for a good background when photographing the instructions. The professional lighting brought to you by Home Depot, it's a clip on metal light that might be $6 but it serves it's purpose for both tying and taking pictures. Then we have a Diet Mountain Dew spittoon which needs to be changed out once it's to the top of the label, it gets too heavy after that and slows down the production of flies. The computer which is the way I get all this stuff out to you, Most of the time it's used as a TV watching kids shows on Netflix with a 4 year-old in my lap. The Hatch catalog has been my mouse pad for awhile if I get bored I can pick it up and look at all the reels I want. I try to get the most out of my desk space so having things serve a dual purpose in quiet essential. What you don't see are the plastic storage drawers to the right over flowing with tying material that minimal twice a day gets emptied by a 1 year-old. There you have it a grand tour of The Midwest Drift world headquarters.

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