The Midwest Drift

Warning: Fridays are usually one of our days of but I felt like ranting.

I don't think I've ever came out and said it or made it official, but most of you that follow get the drift. I'll answer a couple questions so you know where we are coming from with this site and blog. Everyone of us eat, drink, & sleep fly fishing, it's definitely a 365 day obsession. We feel pretty strongly about the Midwest and the fishing opportunities that it presents, there are some very under utilized fisheries that I would put up against fisheries out west any day. From the Tailwaters in Northern Arkansas to the Steelhead tributaries of the Great Lakes and all the bad ass stuff in-between. We like the good local companies from fly fishing to the local booze, and support them as often as we can. If it's shit it's not on this site, just because it's local doesn't always make it better but it gives it an advantage, kind of like a 9 that fishes she's now a solid 10. If we don't like it and do not feel it's a better product or the fly shop is not legit we don't support. With that being said there are still some awesome fly shops and Midwest companies that aren't on here we just can't vouch for them because we haven't experienced them.

Why do we do this? Because we love the sport by no means do we get paid for it. It is another hobby/aspect of fishing that we can partake in to keep it going year around. With full time jobs, family obligations, and school (for Zach) we don't get to take the every weekend trips we used to take and this is another outlet. The more people that are exposed to the sport hopefully grows more advocates for the sport and more conservation minded people to help protect our waterways and fishing rights. 

What do we want out of it? Simple more people supporting fly fishing and supporting the locals. I tie a lot of flies almost every evening. I would love for the next kid to become the Bob Quigley, Kelly Galloup, Nick Granato, or Brad Bohen, so I can tie some of his flies. The sport can always use the exposure. The #FlyFishingSavesLives has a little meaning to me not that my life was ruined or anything prior to fly fishing but fly fishing definitely allows me to use my time in a positive way. This as much for us as it is you, teach a kid to fish, teach someone to tie, share the sport and lets blow the lid of the Midwest this next year.         

Luke & the rest of The Midwest Drift