Local Winter Trout Pond *****REPORT******


With dreams of catching 100s of stockers, Landon and I hit one of the local winter trout ponds on Saturday. Our dream quickly drifted away as we did not catch a single fish. This was my first trip to the pond this winter, Landon has hit them a few times with good luck. I don't know if I was the bad luck charm or if we just suck that bad, the guys fishing with power bait weren't catching anything either so I didn't feel as bad. I don't know if the recent drizzle and rain turned them off or if everyone yanking them out of over the past month has slowed the fishing, but it was tough. Tough and stockers usually don't go together, but it was we threw everything in the box at them, after two hours of not being able to feel our hands we decided to call it a day. Next time I freeze my ass off it better be for some Hybrids. It was still better then sitting around the house thinking about fishing.