Fishing at the Kaw.

With temperatures dropping slowly as the season continues on, my fishing opportunities have slowly diminished. With my options limited, I have tried to make the most of what I do still have. The Kansas River runs just a short drive from my house and in the past it has been an awesome resource during even the worst times of the year. The flood control obstacle located at I-35 and Woodend Road is the place we usually head to, as it is easy to access and usually holds a fair number of species to chase. Flatheads, Blue Cats, White Bass, Largemouth, Drum, Buffalo, and the infamous Silver Carp are all commonly held up in this area in decent numbers and are very easily targeted from the bank. This year however, has been different...

After making multiple runs to the area this year, we have caught nothing. Nothing in the mouth at least. I've thrown everything in the box; Clousers, Large neutrally buoyant streamers, nymphs, poppers... Shit, we even debated sacrificing Ben to Cthulhu, and still nothing. We have managed to foul hook a fair number of Silver Carp, although those are more of a disappointment than anything else. Because of the way we retrieve our larger streamers on sinking lines it feels very promising when you tighten up on one of those bastards. They pull and then just kinda lay over and let you pull them up like a rock off the bottom. Oh, and contrary to popular belief, they don't even jump. Not to mention they are also super slimy, not very cooperative, and they stink to high heaven. We happily bank them and get on with fishing when this happens. So basically, nothing interesting is happening at the Kaw, but if you want to go snag some Asian Carp then you're in luck, because there are shitloads of them piled up there. My best guess is they have crowded out the resident White Bass that usually reside there. We did take advantage of the often present morning fog to take some cool pictures though. 


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