El Camionero "The Trucker"

Big articulated streamer + jig skirt = Luke's El Camionero. I really dig tying big streamers and lately have had some what of an obsession with incorporating jig skirts into patterns and I think the two came together pretty nicely. The jig skirts just give the fly some added movement and we all know the bass love the movement. This fly is 6-7 inches making it suitable for the pike, and it falls on the smaller end of the spectrum for the muskie. With adding jig skirts to a pattern there are two keys to getting it to look right: 1. Pack the material on the front side of the jig skirt tight enough to get the skirt to lay back. 2. Hide the back end of the jig skirt so there is not a big bare spot in the fly (this is with a homemade skirt). 1. Is pretty self explanatory and 2. Sometimes you have to get a little more creative, on this fly I reattached the thread and wrapped Senyo's Laser Dub around the skirt and brushed it out. Now I'm ready to get it wet, and the Lot Lizard was a getting lonely so now she has a Trucker to pick her up.

It's added to the fly tying page here's the link for the step by step instructions.