April Showers... in May.

This time of year can be extremely touchy for me. Sporadic rain showers and inconsistent temperature patterns create a much more difficult fishing situation than usual for me here in the suburban waters of Overland Park. The loads of rain we have received over the course of the past few weeks have raised the creeks, lakes, and ponds to levels I have not seen in what seems like forever, submerging new areas, and  allowing more places for the bottom feeders to come up to hunt for a meal.

The carp are heavily feeding in these shallow areas preparing for the impending spawn which should arrive here in the next few weeks. Large groups of large fish cause competition among the schools, which eases presentation and in turn leads to more eats. Shit. Just today I landed 5 in the 45 minute gap between school and work... But that is beside the point! Feeding along side the carp I have found a pretty insane number of Freshwater Drum as well, which is extremely rare in local waters. Both of these species are being taken on a burnt orange variation of John Montana's Hybrid Worm to a 2x Trouthunter Flouro tippet tied onto a 16 pound RIO Striped Bass leader. This setup is perfect for the short casts I am making to these fish. 

I have also been slamming White Bass and Crappie like crazy on the reservoir spillway areas on basically the same setup! The Largemouth should start turning on soon as well. I have yet to go after them this year but really hope to here in the next few weeks when the rain moves out.

All in all, the local area is fishing pretty well, and it's looking to be an awesome season. 

A dinker on the 4 weight! 

A dinker on the 4 weight!