Taking your Bass Skills to the Spring Creek


Fish are like humans, we both need the basics food, water, and shelter. Fish are like fish sure some have different preferences but I think trout finishing can be made to complicated. Same as in Bass fishing if you find structure (shelter) you'll find fish. Structure on a small stream presents itself differently than the Lilly pads and down trees that are around a pond it can be very subtle. When I'm fishing new creeks the areas I like to bookmark in my head usually contain root wads, undercut banks, downed trees, and runs that contain some structure in the bottom of them. Fishing structure can be frustrating, getting tangled or losing flies but more times then not the benefits out weigh the risk. Fishing the structure on these small stream can really put fish in the net, most those areas you think I can't get a fly in a spot are the ones that are holding fish.