The Leech

The leech can save fishing trips, not my favorite fly but the leech seems to be the first fly in my back up plan. There are a hundred different variation of this fly and for good reason it catches fish. I prefer the leech tied with leech yarn versus the woolly bugger tied with hackle. On more then one occasion on my way to the stream I dreamed of the trout crushing dries and get to the water and conditions weren't ideal for dry flies. The water was either running high and murky or the fish just weren't looking up. Driving 3 hours one way to get to trout water you have to accept the conditions of them stream and make the most of it and tie on a leech. On the other side I've been on the water with ideal conditions for fishing dries and bugs are hatching but the fish aren't rising, seems to happen in the Ozarks often. Fish aren't willing to play so again tie on a leech. The leech is very productive pattern and you really can't fish it wrong, I like dead drifting it with small twitches, but stripping it is just as effective. Next time the fish are making you scratch you head throw on a leech.