Gamakatsu Hooks


The guys at The Midwest Drift almost exclusively tie on Gamakatsu hooks. Here's a few reasons why.

They're strong, sharp points, great quality control (I've tied thousands of flies and only remember one bad hook).

The uniqueness of some of the shapes it's nice to show the fish something a little different. They have a great selection of hooks for multiple species from Bass-Tarpon and everything between. Zach also ties with nothing but Gammies for all of his rough fish flies as well. 

Where I personally think they shine are in their barbless hooks Gamakatsu uses some unique bends and angles to hold the fish on, without the need of a barb. The barbless hooks are less damaging to small fish, the downside is it's true barbless don't hold the fish on quite as well but the Gamakatsus hold them on better then most. Once you get used to fishing with a barbless and used to playing a fish there's not that big of a difference.

Next time you go to get hooks give them a try. Have Kevin at K&K order any style you want. He loves that shit