Pink Squirrel


The pink squirrel nymph is one of the most productive patterns in the Driftless Area. John Bethke was the originator of the pink squirrel, you can find many variations of this pattern all over the web. I like the simplicity of the pattern, pretty easy tie. Some people see it and think WTF or I've heard do trout actually eat that and they sure do. The way I look at it, the pink squirrel isn't that much different then the czech nymph patterns and others like the MW scud, that utilize a hot spot or a bright patch of color to attract fish. I don't fish it as often as I probably should but try to pick up a few fish on it each time we visit the Driftless. The rule is you have to pick up at least one fish on the pink squirrel in the Driftless if you fish with us.

Here's the recipe for the variation that I tie.

Hook: Gamakatsu C12-B size 12-16

Thread: UTC 140 Hot Pink

 Head: Gold tungsten bead

Body: Hare's ear dubbing

Rib: Red wire

Tail: 3 strands Krystal flash

Collar: Senyo's Hot pink laser dub