Regal Fly Vises

It's hard to convince me to try something new. Usually like most once I find something that works and I really like it's hard to get me to change. I tied on another vise for years and last year made the change to Regal and I'm glad I did. The craftsmanship, durability, hook hold, and function of their vises are outstanding. I now actually have to models the stainless steel Medallion and the Big Game Travel vise. The Big Game for my streamers and larger flies and the stainless steel for the trout stuff. I'm not a full rotary vise guy, these vise rotate a full 360 degrees but are not the true rotary style vise they do offer that in their Revolution Series. It's easy to adjust the angle of the head and there is no need to adjust the jaws. They're beautifully designed and bomb proof you'll have a hard time prying my Regal out of my lifeless hands.