Fish Like a Ninja!

Rule #1 for fishing wild trout streams in the Midwest don't let the fish know you're there. The sneaker you are the better chance you have at getting a trout to eat your fly. Once the fish know you're there they may shut off for hours. Slowing down and minimizing moment helps tremendously. Wild trout don't chase your boots like the hatchery fish. Make a  game plan for how you intend to fish a run is ideal. The biggest things to take into consideration are your casting ability, where you think the fish are holding, and how you are going to present a realistic drift. Once you're in position start by working the water closest to you and expand out from there you never want hit the head of a pool or run first (unless that's your only option) hooking a fish and dragging it through good water can ruin your chance at multiple fish from the same hole. Sometimes you have to get pretty creative, but the end result is usually worth the effort. Next time you get to a good section of water think how am I going to attack this like a ninja.