The Driftless Trip

Just got back from spending the last 5 days in Wisconsin, it was a great trip. We got to show Zach the area for the first time and I'm pretty sure he fell in love. We caught a lot of fish and had a lot of fun. The water was running a little high and off color and if you're familiar with the area you could really tell they've had some really high water this spring with the new log jams and old logs washed up on the bank. The fly of the trip was the Pink Squirrel it caught close to 1/2 of the fish caught. We turned a few big fish throwing streamers the streamer chase was good it was hard to get them to fully commit, but we were able to hook into a few on sculpins. The dry fly fishing was really good a few nights and we were able to catch a couple really good caddis hatches. We'll be back to the M-F blog thing this week.