Driftless Fishing Report

I touched on the fishing from up it Wisconsin earlier this week, but here's a little more detail. The fishing was solid but I wouldn't go as far to say it was on fire. A few of the outings (usually the morning trips) we had to earn our fish. Even though the water was stained we had to down size tippet, be stealthy and make sure to position ourselves to get good drifts. In the evenings it was on fire, there were ridiculous amounts of grey/not very black or tan caddis coming off, which made the dry fly fishing pretty crazy. There were also some yellow sallies, sulfurs, and swarms of crane flies flying around. You could pick up a lot of fish on a pink squirrel in the evenings as well. If your willing to bushwhack and walk you could catch fish all day. The crowds were small only ran into a handful of other anglers. Wild trout, good cheese, good beer what else could you ask for?