My streamer is BIGGER than yours

Always out doing each other = My car is faster then yours, I can drink more then you, my dick is bigger, I only fish dries, the list goes on. I love big nasty articulated streamers as much as the next guy. Are they practical? Maybe in some rivers on certain days yes, you just have to find those couple trout that are in the mood. I have been fishing smaller streamers 4 inches or less with good success the last few years. Most the streams I've been fishing are small spring creeks and comparing this to big freestones or tail waters is like comparing beer to whisky, you love them both they're just different. Sticking to the small bait fish definitely improves numbers of hook ups also eliminating the amount of short strikes and you can still pull some big fish out of hiding. 

Look at the standard bait fish in most streams the sculpin, the darter, and minnows are all 4 inches or less. So why throw a 10 inch streamer, to get some aggressive strikes and most of the of the fish I've caught on a big streamer have came off the trailing hook and makes me wonder if they were just being aggressive and striking at the tail of the streamer or actually committing to eat.

Try downing sizing your streamer next time unless your compensating for something (like Zach is). You may surprised with the results & your shoulder will thank you.