K&K Saturday Clinic

Saturday Morning - June 7 - 9:00am start...

"Carp - Bad-Ass in your backyard"


"Carp - Bad-Ass in your backyard"

Recommend you call to reserve your spot
(913) 341-8118 or (800) 795-8118
...but if you forget to call - show up anyway!!!!

Come see Zach at K&K Saturday! He's giving a great presentation on Carp fishing. Even if you don't give a shit about carp he enjoys answering random questions and being heckled. Truthfully he has a great presentation and knows his shit when it comes to carp fishing, so if you've ever entertained the idea of chasing carp on a fly rod you don't want to miss this one, plus it's free a win win. Hope to see you Saturday.