Rock Hopping

Targeting Drum is fairly new to me but, lately I've been getting into several each time out. Rock hopping has been pretty productive. You have to be sure footed to hop around on theses rocks and use your judgment on which ones look stable enough to jump to. The best days have been when there is a slight breeze blowing into the dam pushing food up into the rocks. It allows the drum to feed up shallow. If there is to much chop it's really hard to see them feeding and the drum don't want to be washed up on the rocks. Sculpins and crawdad patterns have been the constant producers. If you like sight fishing this is where it's at locally. The drum are fairly overlooked but there like fucking gangsters of the rocks. They come rolling in from the depths all beat up from the rocks looking for their next meal, they cruise fairly quickly. Get the highest vantage point you can by the water and be patient there will be a dark shadow cruising the shore before you know it. Get their attention with a few twitches and let the fly sink they'll usually pick it up.