Fiberglass Rods

Fly on the Glass


Fiberglass fly rods have been around for over 60 years and it was once thought they would replace the more expensive bamboo rod for the masses.  Vintage fly rods were often heavy and thought to be too "noodly" but I disagree.   My grandfather gave me my first fly rod, an 8'6" 7/8wt South Bend, when I was somewhere around the age of 12, I think.  I began using it to chase everything from bluegill and bass to carp and catfish using a worm on a hook.  I know that's not really fly fishing but I didn't care nor did I know any better.  This rod is still one of my favorites, not because of sentimental reasons but because it has a smooth action and can throw line just as well as some of the modern day graphites.  Fiberglass is strong and can take some serious abuse before breaking, which can not be said for your high modulus graphite rods.  I have plenty of graphite rods that I still use and they each serve a purpose but I'm quickly becoming a glass geek.  Modern day glass is lighter than its predecessors and comes in a wider range of lenths, weights, actions, etc.   From the Scott F2 6'0" 2 wt for your small creeks to the monstrous Swift Epic 990.  To me the appeal is in the short, lighter weight rods that make even the smallest of fish enjoyable to catch.  The bend in a glass rod is awesome and is sure to put a smile on anybody's face especially when a 6 inch trout doubles it over.  There is just something about slowing down your casting stroke and feeling the rod load as it lays out line in the softest fashion .  I love love love it!  If you want to experience the feel of bamboo but don't have the coin to drop on one then you should really take a look at glass, they are just plain fun!  Companies like Eagle Claw, Echo and Reddington offer glass at a very affordable price.  Go try one out and see what the fuss is about.