Stubborn Drum


Probably thought you'd never hear that. Fucking Drums 7 me 0. I fished the lake yesterday evening and got my ass kicked by the drum. If you have had one of those days where everything that can go wrong does, that was my evening. I had several shots at fish but something got fucked up every time, if it was the hook set or another drum plowing it to the side of a drum 6 inches in front of my fly that had chased it down from a few feet away. It was ridiculous the amount of times I got hung up as I was picking up to make a cast to a cruising fish. I was pretty upset with my evening but I'd rather be fishing then at work any day. It only makes me want to want to hook up with those fish ever worse I was to the point yesterday where I thought about making a phone call for a few illegal fireworks maybe some quarter sticks to get the job done. The drum are spawning and are feeding shallow so if you would like to hook up on some freshwater drum AKA the Missouri Redfish now is the time. They left me wanting more. I can't wait to get back and try to return the lesson they taught me.