White Bass 'Til Your Arm Falls Off

Zach and I had the chance yesterday to get out and scout a few areas for the Carp-A-Plooza tournament. We rolled down to Springfield to register for the tournament and hit the road. Well we got some scouting done but got side tracked by the White Bass. They were busting shad boils all over the place, there were literally millions of shad pooled up making some of the biggest bait balls we had ever seen. Fishing was absolutely  fucking ridiculous for about an hour and a half. Huge schools of shad kept coming down the spillway making for some of the easiest fishing we've had all year. I don't think we moved more than 10 feet in that hour and a half. We landed some where in the neighborhood of 60 fish mostly white bass but we picked off a couple Kentucky Bass as well. My tendentious started flaring up in my elbow and Zach started crying about his fingers being raw, but we didn't want to leave. I need to teach Zach how to take pictures.

Whites busting some bait.

These are the shad they were gorging themselves on and the white and grey Clouser they were taking, the fish were actually throwing up shad as we were unhooking them. Zach threw some gummy minnows and some Wooten Shad with good luck. I was throwing and white slump busters with some flash and Maddy's minnow with great success . Keeping the pattern higher in the water column and watching the take made for some serious fun. It's like catching a solid hatch of insects on a trout stream where the fish are just reckless those days are few and far between but when it happens it makes for a special outing.