Rylee's Pullover Caddis

I came up with this fly a few years ago, I wanted something that resembled an Elk Hair Caddis but that rode a little lower on the surface. I noticed most of the time when the EHC drifted pasted me it was tilted like it had too much to drink. I like EHC just some of the spring creeks we fish have a pretty slow current in spots and it was hard to get fish to eat them outside the riffles. I didn't like fucking around trimming Vs in the hackle or trying to find the exact right size of hackle for the fly. This was my solution, you can damn near wrap any size hackle on that foam and get the fly to ride right in the surface film. If you tie bigger sizes it makes for a great dry in a dry-dropper rig . We've caught a lot of fish on this pattern over the last couple years.

Here's a link on how to tie it.