We dig Fayettechill and what they do. They make awesome gear and help the outdoors and community. What else do you want from a local company? Check out their non-profit partners and the great projects they have done for the community. Look them up for some awesome outdoor apparel and SUPPORT THE LOCALS!


About Fayettechill

What We Do

Fayettechill creates experience inspired apparel for outdoor enthusiasts. We are an exhale to the daily grind, a refreshed and re-envisioned outdoor culture that is open to all who are moved and motivated by nature. 

Fayettechill promotes the relaxed and fulfilled state of mind that is brought about by adventuring into the wild. We live for the moments when we can connect with the natural world around us. We are a movement to take life slowly - not in body, but in mind. Life is an adventure. We're here to remind you to enjoy the ride. 

Who We Are

Fayettechill is a family first and brand second. We pride ourselves on being more than just co-workers. We are a group of passionate individuals with one goal: bring the Ozarks to the nation. To us, Fayettechill is more than just a collection of products; it is the life we’ve always dreamed of living and we invite you to live it with us.

Fayettechill was originally conceived by a group of college friends to be a culture brand that focused on promoting a laid-back lifestyle. As the brand grew, the team quickly realized that it was not just a laid-back lifestyle that they were attracted to, but also the setting that allowed it to take place, the Ozarks. The flowing rivers, endless trails, and lush forests that inhabit the Ozark’s rolling mountains extend a constant invitation for exploration to all those who seek to escape into nature. The heart of Fayettechill’s lifestyle is laid in the outdoors while being made by the communities that support and protect them.

So, we evolved Fayettechill into a reflection of the ideal life we would like to lead. One that could be the outdoor brand for those who call the middle and southeast America home.

We want to promote a lifestyle that is created with the capacity to clear its busy schedule in the city so that, when necessary, it can always have the chance to get out into nature to camp, climb, ride, hike, fish or experience the outdoors how they see fit. A lifestyle that promotes curiosity and exploration into the unknown with a mission to accumulate new experiences instead of money or things.

To accomplish this, we are reaching out to the best and most promising athletes that compete in our region’s outdoor sports industry. We are collaborating with the most active and influential non-profit organizations so that we can help support their missions to develop, maintain, and protect the trails, climbing routes, and rivers that serve at the foundation of this region’s booming outdoor community. We invite graphic artists, painters, photographers, videographers and all other creative types to meet and give us their take on what makes the Ozarks so special. We made a store in the entertainment district of Fayetteville, AR and called it Basecamp so that we could have a spot to meet and learn from our customers and supporters face-to-face. Most recently, we moved our offices & warehouse into the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse, a historic landmark in its own right that is tucked away into base of another outdoor gem, Mount Kessler.

With your help, we’ve begun to see a very real impact on Ozark Mountain community in addition to being able to share the "secret gem" of the Ozarks with thousands of people who are ready show it love and now, the outdoor community is stronger than ever.

We’re currently in the middle of next big leap. Our mission to bring the Ozarks to the nation is no longer just a dream, it is a tangible reality. Help us tell the world about the Fayettechill and all the things we love about the Ozarks. For us, these mountains, and the people who populate them, can be a source for everything that is wonderful and pure in life and we can’t help but want to share it. Send us your ideas, your feedback, your concerns and join the family. There is always room for one more in our circle.