High Horse Dry Fly Shake

Check out High Horse in the Supporting the Locals page

Check out High Horse in the Supporting the Locals page

High Horse Shake Dry Floatants are a proprietary silica based blend of lightweight powders and powerful desiccants that remove moisture from your fly and simultaneously treat it with dry floatant. Simply drop the fly in the bottle, close the lid and shake. Ideal for refloating your drowned fly or indicator. This dry floatant is environmentally friendly and will not leave a residue on still waters or spring creeks.  A great product for delicate dries and bugs with CDC.

Another great product from High Horse, the shake is a good alternative to the gel. I like using it on CDC winged dries as well as Poly yarn wings especially ones with a looped wing in the back. The shake is just as easy to apply as the gel keep the fly attached to your tippet throw the fly in the can, shut the lid, give it a few shakes, pull it out, blow it off and ready to fish. 

High horse offers it in the same flavors as the gel. Naked, Scent infused and UV. Next time you need to order more floatant give High Horse a try, I think you'll like the results. SUPPORT THE LOCALS!