Carp-A-Plooza & Plateau Fly Shop

The first annual Carp-A-Plooza tournament came to an end last night. It was definitely a good time we got to meet some cool dudes over at the Plateau Fly Shop in Springfield. They have a pretty sweet shop down there and an awesome group of guys. I'm already looking forward to next year. One of the rules in the tournament was that all fish needed to be caught within 100 miles of Springfield which was a cool idea we got to explore some waters that we typically would not have fished and found some water we will definitely be hitting again. Mark the dates for next year, the more competition the better. The magic number that was being thrown around last night was 90 inches of carp to win next year we'll see but not matter I'll ensure you who'll have a good time.

I also added Plateau Fly Shop to the Supporting the locals page with a link to their site who can also check them out on Facebook.

Oh and Zach took 4th place brought home a new pack from fish pond and I took 5th and got to drive Zach around.