Local Fishing Report

Saturday after the tying clinic I did at K&K we were able to sneak away and hit a local spring creek. Water levels are extremely low and water temps were still fairly cool but they need rain for sure. If you go make sure to bring your thermometer water temps above 68 degrees can really stress a trout. Dissolved oxygen levels kind of go hand in hand with the low water and warming temps. We where able to trick several small fish on dries, small enough we did not need to fit and returned them to the water very quickly, thats why there are no fish photos on this post. My suggestion would be to fish down stream where there are a few springs that dump into the creek which help with volume and temps. I'll be watching the forecast for some good rains before I hit it again this summer. Plus the carp like the warm water I might try to put a beat down on them the rest of the summer.