Taking Care of Your Gear

Fly fishing gear is a big investment so why not treat it like it is? If your good to your gear it usually returns the favor. Accidents happen but the variables we can control in taking are of gear allows us to use it for a lifetime. Here are a few reasons to take care of your gear:

1. It's a big investment

2.If you want to upgrade or sale your gear you will get a lot better price on it wether it's on a trade in or selling on ebay

3. Models are frequently changing and some of us fall in love with a rod that no longer is available or is really hard to find. So keep it looking new for as long as possible.

4. Not all of us have disposable incomes for replacing rods frequently is not an option.

5. We want our gear performing at the highest level especially if we hook a fish of a lifetime.

6. Karma you go banging your gear around and do not clean and maintain it, you might just lose some of it's fish catching juju.

There are several easy steps to ensure your gear is well maintained and stays looking new. 

1. Clean your rod and reel after use with a mild soap. If it's a rod I don't fish as often I'll clean it after every use if it's a rod I use almost daily I'll clean it once a week.

2. Do not put your rod up wet allow it to dry throughly 

3. Rods come with a sock and rod tube for a reason keep it in there when you can it limits potential accidents.

4. When unhooking a fish or tying on a new fly be aware of the ground. I'll place the rod butt and reel in the closest grass patch or sand to minimize the chance of scratching it up.

5. Watch the tip the number one broken piece of a fly rod is the tip and it usually is broke from door make sure you clear the tip before you slam the door.

6. Clean your fly line periodically it shoots better and doesn't wear the guides down when its clean and it floats better. Plus fly line have gotten to be another expensive piece of gear.

You wouldn't buy a brand new car and put it in a demolition derby or never have the oil changed so don't treat your fly gear that way. We all work hard for what we have so why not keep it functioning and looking as good as possible. By taking care of it you may get a lifetime of use out of it. Or at least get more $ on eBay for it.