Bennett Springs Report

Bennett Traditional


My wife and I recently went to Missouri's Bennett Spring State Park for our annual fishing trip, an ongoing tradition since I was a little kid.  The spring was as low as I've seen it in quite some time making fishing a little more difficult than the normal slaying.  With that said my wife out fished me 4 to 1 with a couple traditional trout park flies like eggs, chamois, etc using her new purple Allen Fly Fishing reel.  I noticed she was getting a lot of looks either from her catching fish after fish or the bright colored reel, either way I got quite the kick out of it!  Most of the fish were hanging in the deeper water and so was every other angler in the park.  If you could find a spot to fish you could get on some fish.  There was a significant midge hatch along with a few sparse tan caddis and sulfurs popping off both days we were there.  I fished my 4wt Echo Glass rod using size 16 griffith's gnat and size 14 and 16 tan elk hair caddis and tan emergers with pretty good success all day long.  The trout were sipping midges in the low water sections with lots of underwater vegetation, making dry fly fishing optimal for the conditions.  If you plan to go to Bennett in the next few weeks I would expect heavy crowds from the last minute vacations before the kids go back to school.  Claim your spot in the deeper shaded sections and you should get some takers on both nymphs and dries.