The Dreaded Easy Fish

An easy fish right off the bat usually means one of two things, fishing is going to be on fire or that it will be your only fish of the day. Today was the latter, I wasn't that upset about it, any day spent on the water with your dad is a good day. I headed out this morning in hopes of getting my 3 fish for the Carp-A-Plooza tournament, we did some scouting but decided to hit the lake where we usually find some fish. It didn't let us down my favorite flat had a couple tailing two cast later had this dude on. It was 23" so not huge but 23 inches on the score card is better than a goose egg. Immediately I thought it was going to be on like donkey kong, but other then  a few perch and a couple shots at a grass carp that was the size of an old Russian submarine that was it. I still have a few more days I can get out and try to fill the other 2 spots. 

It never fails I've had it happen with about every species of fish, first couple cast a you hook up then it goes cold quick. You can either throw in the towel or go kick their ass next time, I can never wait to get back out.