Midwest Spring Creek Fishing

We all have our favorite waters to fish and favorite types of water to fish. Hands down mine is small spring creek fishing for trout. We are fortunate enough to have some really nice spring creeks here in the Midwest from the Driftless Area of Wisconsin and Iowa to our handful of Ozark creeks. The cold clean ground water is what makes these creeks so special, making for ideal habitat for the wild trout, cold clean water filtered by the limestone below makes for the ideal PH levels for aquatic insects to thrive and in return it makes for quality fish. There are not many days that you cannot find a single bug coming of the water, you may not see many if any risers but it's almost impossible to not find something hatching. Even in the dead of winter you can usually find midges coming off. 

Besides the fact the Spring Creeks provide an all you can eat buffet for the fish, the one of the things that draws me to them is the technical fishing involved to be successful. If fishing is going to be easy I don't want to go, personally I get more out of breaking the code on some highly spooky fish then catching 50+ stockers at a park. I get it though if that was my only choice I would be there in the shoulder to shoulder mess, combat fishing with everyone else. I also get for most of us we have to drive a couple hours to get to trout water and you want to spend the day catching as many fish as humanly possible. These spring creeks are not for everyone.

"Trout are overrated" maybe by some people that are not willing to fish for anything other then trout. I don't put them on a pedestal but they are more then a worthy opponent with a fly rod. I enjoy dumpster diving as much as the next guy and chasing carp, I don't prefer wading in shit water with Zach to catch these guys though, I'll take that cold clear stream any day. I will say carp fishing has improved my fishing overall, it's improved my ability to spot fish and read their body language especially identify a take.

Over this fall I'll be doing post on these Spring Creeks on several different topics on how to approach these streams. The biggest piece of advise is not to give up on them, they can be tough at times but it just makes landing that fish that much more special. I also think everyone that fly fishes should test their skills on the carp at some point in their fly fishing career, if anything it'll make you a better fisherman.