ARC Leader Review

The last time out I was able to test out the leaders made by the local line company ARC. I fished a 9 ft 6x leader all day and I was impressed. I give it an A+ for sure here are the things I liked the most about it. 

1. It's very supple all most zero memory. When you pull it out of the package and uncoil it there is no need to run it through a straightener.

2. Strength, shit happens when you fishing tightly covered small creeks and the couple of times I had to pull my fly out of the tree I really had to pull to break it. I felt like harder then on my other 6x leaders of the past. The knot strength was also superb.

3. The perfection loop, I know it's nothing new and that it is very easy to tie the a perfection loop, but it is nice to just throw a leader on. I've primarily fished Trout Hunter products since they have been available and my only complaint with them is no perfection loop and a large butt stiff but section making it hard to cinch down the knot in the perfection loop.

4. Price, ARC has priced all their products very competitively. The 3 pack of 6x leaders was 12.95 @ K&K.

5. It's local. SUPPORT THE LOCALS!

Next time you need some new leaders or tippet give them at shot I think you'll be satisfied.