Knocking the Dust off the Midge Box

Well it's just about time to blow the dust off the midge box. The Beaver One fly tournament is in a few days. The most productive pattern we have fished on the White River at least the area around Eureka is the midge. Over the years midge patterns have caught more then 80% of the fish we've taken out of this section of the White. You can almost count on a daily midge hatch and count on fish eating them. It's hard to beat a zebra midge and we fish them and other midge variation but Rylee's LiL' Helper has put the most fish in the net. It's also more then likely the pattern I'll be fishing in the One fly, mostly because it's a lot more durable then a traditional midge pattern. Fishing it 3-4 feet under an indicator and getting good long drifts it's almost impossible not to catch fish down there. Here's the link on how to tie it and I'll let you know how it fairs in the tourney.