Local Report******All on top*******

Zach and I were able to get out to one of our fairly local spring creeks. It was kind of nice not sweating your nuts off in waders for once. Conditions where good at least a lot better then when we hit it last month. The fish were looking up, not a whole lot of risers but we caught a lot on dries anyways. There was a sporadic caddis hatch both tan and a few black caddis, there was also some small PMDs coming off as well. Spending the day with a 3wt and only reaching for your dry fly box is a good day. I didn't even count how many to hand (I'm sure Zach). He was able to catch his largest fish from the stream to date even though he wades louder then a heard of cows. Oh and I did make a pretty sweet net job on it, I was excited for him, the creek doesn't give up a whole lot of solid fish so when they do it a fly it's pretty cool. I think he's starting to pick up this small creek fishing. I can't wait to get back down hopefully before the leaves fall and the spawn starts. Here are a couple pics from the weekend.