Walnut Valley Festival 2014 Recap

Every year during the third weekend in September, I make my annual journey to the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. The festival boasts some pretty amazing people and even more incredible music, not to mention the fishing beneath the spillway can be utterly amazing. This year was no exception. 

With my new 4Runner loaded to the gills with bikes, camping supplies, and fishing gear, I rolled out of Overland Park at around 7 after my shift at K and K. I was to meet Ben at a truck stop near Wichita as he was just getting back from his two month road trip across the west. The drive was pretty easy, although my new car had expired Missouri tags on it as I hadn't had time to register it before the fest! I severely misjudged how long it would take to reach the rest area, so I was stuck waiting there until around 11:30 before Ben rolled up in a maroon Prius with Colorado plates. After loading his stuff into the car, it was about another 45 minutes to the festival grounds where we were escorted by none other than Betse Ellis (otherwise known to the bluegrass world as Fiddle Betse) to our camp! Ben set up his tent and I cleared out a space in the back of my truck to sleep, then we proceeded to crack open some drinks and jam with our other camp mates!

We awoke the next morning and immediately made our way to the spillway to chase after the Drum and Carp that are usually so prevalent. In fact, we managed to fish pretty much every morning. We slacked big time on taking fish pics, but here are a few we got!

This is a pretty decent shot of the spillway hole we spent most of our time at.

We hit quite a few cats around this size, all on medium sized black zonker like patterns. 

The majority of what we caught were Drum, and damn were they out! We slayed em. 

What a pig!!


Aside from the fishing, we had a blast walking around and listening to all the music the festival is known for. Our camp was full of amazing musicians so every night was like our own personal concert! We had a blast. 

We even caught our favorite band, The Steel Wheels, four different times over the course of the festival! All in all it was amazing and I can't wait until next year. Here are a few more funny and noteworthy pics I will leave you with!