It's Right Around the Corner

My favorite time of year is almost here. Cooler weather, good Octoberfest beers, bonfires , football, and trout fatting up for the spawn and the winter. The cooler weather brings cooler water temps and happy/aggressive fish, aggressive enough to chase down streamers. It is absolutely my favorite time of year, you can fish practically all day without breaking a sweat and I enjoy the small stream streamer fishing. It is also the time of year some of the bigger fish come out of hiding in search of packing on a few more calories for the fall spawn. You can't hardly go wrong the fall. Get the streamer box full and get out and fish, you may just put your best fish of the year in the net this fall.

Here's a link to Maddy's Articulated Hobbit, one of my favorite small streamer patterns. Just think of how many mayflies it takes to equal the meal packed into a sculpin.