ARC Fishing Co.

For those of you who haven't already heard, ARC Fishing Co is a new local company specializing in terminal tackle; lines, leaders, and tippets. The idea has been in the works since Fishpond changed hands, as both Travis Thompson and Dayne previously designed and managed the company. Their products are finally hitting shelves all over the country and the feedback has been phenomenal, which is no surprise considering they have designed a few pretty cool items that the industry has never seen before. First off, there are four different tippet styles offered. My favorite so far is their fourth gen Flourocarbon which I have been using almost exclusively since I received my samples. I am hesitant to say it is BETTER than my usual Trouthunter, but it is definitely similar. The catch is, it's cheaper and local so I'm definitely sold. Along with the flouro they offer the usual mono tippet and then their two speciality tippets that have never really been dabbled with: Camo, and FlouroCOAT (Not to be confused with regular flouro). The camo is pretty weird in my opinion but the concept is cool. The item I am most excited about is the FC. Basically what they did was take a regular mono and coat it with a fluorocarbon material. This tippet is ridiculously strong, abrasion resistant, AND it floats so you can fish it with dries. You get the best of both worlds at the reasonable price of $6.95 for a spool of 40 meters. It's pretty great stuff. 

The next big thing they are bringing to market are their lines which incorporate an insane amount of unique features all for the standard price of a premium fly line. A complete list of products can be found on their site. I personally have been using the 99+ for my Carp setup and loving it. 

I'm pretty excited to be affiliated with a company like ARC and I look forward to seeing how they grow! Support the locals and go ARC or go home!

All info can be found at !

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