WE ARE FULL UP AS OF 11:44 P.M. Central Time on 1/15/15

Hello all

As all of you have already heard, the Fly Carpin fly swap is no more. Like many of you, we here at The Midwest Drift hated the thought of what has become one of the best fly swap on the web dying. After speaking amongst ourselves and to Trevor, we unanimously decided that we are going to make an attempt to recreate the swap hosting it on our site. Now we're not nearly as seasoned as Mctage is with this kind of stuff and he will not be associated with any aspect the organization, but with his advice and four guys we are determined to put on a halfway decent swap and continue the legacy. There will be 30 total participants but we have filled 20 of those spots up under the table. The remaining 10 will be listed here on a first come first serve basis. If you want in, please send an email to and we will send you a confirmation back. We will continually update this page with the names of people who have opted in! Oh, and below are the rules and such. Good luck and have fun, we're looking forward to getting this thing rolling. 



1: We have chosen to limit the number of flies sent in to 10 per pattern per swapper. I know, limiting rules suck but this is our first shot at this and we want to keep the sorting aspect easy. We would prefer you send only one pattern, but if you have multiple flies you wish to share, let us know and we'll work with you.

2: Have your flies mailed to:

Zach Janssen

10019 Bluejacket st

Overland Park, KS 66214

by FEBRUARY 16th with a return address listed on the box.

3:Include materials lists, instructions, how to fish it, about you, website links, credit due etc at your discretion. This will be used to create a webpage with all the patterns!

4: If you own a shop, tie production, or supplement your income in any way regarding Carp or fly fishing, feel free to include any sort of promotional stuff (within reason) and they will be sent out with the outgoing packages of flies. Ie. Business cards, stickers, etc. If you are part of a blog or organization with some sort of website include a link and we will include it when we create a page for your pattern.

5: We will be highlighting your patterns on the site and would like to keep the number of people angered to a minimum, so please give credit where applicable if you are sending in a pattern that isn't originally your own. This hasn't been an issue in the past, just covering all bases here! 


What we will do in return:

1: We will divvy your submissions up, doing our very best to make sure everyone gets some good stuff and send them out to you by MARCH 16th

2: We will then take pictures, organize recipes, descriptions, and promotional stuff to create a webpage summary for each of your patterns to be hosted on

3: We will do our best to get some sort swag to send out to everyone.


So essentially, besides the limit on the number of flies, this swap will hopefully be run and databased in a similar manner to Mctage's!

If you want in, simply reply to this email and we'll respond with a confirmation. Like I said earlier, we will update this page and release a notification when we have reached capacity. 

Good luck,

Zach Janssen, 

Luke Langton,

Landon Groenenboom, 

and Ben Muraski at

1:Travis Hammond 

2: Josh Rinehart 

3: Danny Scarborough 

4: Robert Upshall 

5: Steve Martinez (

6: Gregg Martin 

7: Matus Sobolic 

8: Mario Garza 

9: JP Lipton (

10: Brad Kellerman (

11: Chris Galvan 

12: Austin Adduci (

13: Luke Annear

14: Treavor Hackenberg 

15: Kevin Morlock (

16: Luke Langton

17: Landon Groenenboom

18: Ben Muraski

19: Trevor Tanner (

20: Zach Janssen

21: Mike Medina

22: Dave Kuntzelman

23: Andrew Stein

24: Scott Demoss

25: Jim Pankiewicz (

26: Ben Eastman

27: Samuel Stone

28: Bryan Rodriguez

29: Steve Collie

30: Matt Simms

31: Joel Stewart (?)

32: Hunter 

33: Zach Drazner