Landon's New Toy********Snowman Custom Rods**********

I recently acquired my custom Swift Epic Mocha 580 from Zeb Tonkavich at Snowman Custom Rod Works out of PA.  What Zeb did with this build blew my damn mind!  I knew he was good from his pictures and the reputation that he holds within the fiberglass rod building community, but I had no idea until I actually held this masterpiece in my hands.  His attention to detail is next to none and uses only the highest quality components on his builds.  The dude even machines some of the hardware he uses in select builds!  Zeb has got some mad skills that are worth checking out, especially if you are looking for a heirloom quality custom built rod.  I gave him my ideas of what I was looking for and he ran with it, going above and beyond what I had imagined.  Go check out his website or follow him on Facebook and Instagram and let his work do the rest of the talking for me.



As for the rod itself, this thing is an extremely versatile glass rod.  It's delicate enough to present tiny dries on light tippet, yet has enough ass to switch right over to light streamer work.  I went with the 580 because I wanted one rod that would do it all for those days the stream demands I change my tactic around every bend.  I got exactly that with the Epic S2 glass.  This rod is what Swift Fly Fishing of New Zealand calls their "Fast Glass."  It is fast for glass, definitely not a wimpy noodle, but still has the smoothness and sensitivity that allows you to feel your back cast and doubles over when a fish is on.  It is by far the finest casting rod I have ever owned or had the opportunity to cast.