The Fall Hunt

It's that time of year again, the cool air, the leaves are changing, football, whiskey, and musky. What else could you ask for? I've been tying almost finatically to get ready for the season and trying to get everything lined up to chase some Missouri musky, Friday we chased. I was lucky enough to have Jim from Plateau Fly Shop in the boat for half the morning and was soaking up as much of his local knowledge as I could. Aaron @haolebones made the trip, dude seriously knows his salt game, fairly recently moving back to the Midwest after several years of living in Hawaii. Needless to say we hit it pretty hard and my forearm is still a little sore. 

The weather was what we figured to be ideal overcast, cool and just a small amount of drizzle. Jim showed us around the lake and we hit a few of his favorite spots, he could only fish for a while and had to get back to the shop, the morning was pretty uneventful mostly just practicing our casting stroke with 350 grain sink tips and 10 inch flies. Even with all that work the morning went quick and we dropped Jim off back at the boat ramp. We figured we'd hit it some more before we stopped for lunch. I'm kind of glad we did. We debated on where to go and finally decided to hit a spot where we started the day. A few cast in I thought I saw a fish following, I wasn't for sure if delirium was setting in or if that long tan line was the back of the fish. I started stripping faster and made a quick change in direction, that's when I saw the side of the fish. I knew it was pretty solid , I got Aaron's attention and drug the fly back in front of the boat. The fish took a swipe at it and missed and then absolutely destroyed on it's second attempt. I strip set, and only got a little resistance the fly had came out. We got really good looks at the fish and the size of it's head we guessed  it probably mid 40s. It was actually pretty devastating, but gave us some hope in getting one of those beast in the boat. Probably 5 cast later I was doing a figure 8 next to the boat and the rod came to a screeching halt. Only having maybe 3 inches of tippet out of the rod I tried setting the hook with the cork and pulling the whole rod up. I picked the fish up but some how managed not to get the hook buried. And we watched as another musky swim away, this one was probably in the low 30s but definitely a lot smaller then the first one. So basically I blew two shots at fish that actually had the fly in their mouth.

It's now Sunday and honestly those fish are the only things I could think about all weekend. I'm ready to get back down there next weekend. I can see how this musky thing can get totally addicting.