Rocky Mountain Getaway



When Joni told me she had to go to Denver for work and that I should meet her out there for the weekend and fish I said yes, yes I should!  It was about this time last year that I stepped foot in my first Colorado stream and man was it great to be back there.  The aspens were poppin, the waters cold and the wildlife was abundant.  The first day we fished several small streams in the Rocky Mountain National Park and found the browns would slam just about anything terrestrial along the undercut banks.  Some of the takes were pretty reckless and quite entertaining. Later on in the day we decided to hike up to Dream Lake where Joni caught her first cutthroat on a small parachute emerger.  I think I was more excited for her than she was, but then again we were both still sucking wind from the hike up.  The views were stunning and well worth the hike.

On our second and last day of fishing we met up with Scott whom I met through a one of a kind Facebook page called Trout Porn World Leader Board.  He had heard we were heading out his way and offered to take us fishing for the day.  We hit some new water and drove across parts of the Rockies that neither of us had seen before.  I've decided to leave the names of the places out of this piece out of respect for Scott and others that may frequent the waters.  It's not that where we fished were secret spots or in any way private but I wouldn't want someone broadcasting my fishing holes all over the web either.  Most of my fish caught were on dry flies and your typical freestone/tailwater fare.  I did however turn a really nice cutbow swinging a streamer but she didn't want to fully commit.  Probably would have been a personal best for me in CO.  The water was clear and low making a stealthy approach very difficult, something I think Joni learned to appreciate real quick.  She did very well for her first time fishing streams that are far more technical than what she is used to.  Scott was awesome and I definitely hope he will make a trip to the Midwest so I can return the favor with some quality fishing and 10lbs of my own BBQ.