Local Report

It's been a minute since I've trout fished, and I know one thing I definitely need more Spring Creeks back in my life. Saturday Aaron and I made a mad dash south the plan was to fish and head over to Plateau Fly shop for Bohen's fly tying while being back in KC by 4pm. Time was very limited but we managed a handful of fish in a hour. They were taking a soft hackle hare's ear (Maddy's Loaded Diaper) and a few takes on a small BWO Film Critic. As far as the creek goes it's the best condition I've seen it in for along time. The fall rains must have washed out some of the log jams making holes a lot more accessible. With the unusually warm temps we've been having it's worth taking advantage of if you hit the wild streams watch your step, I didn't see any signs of spawning activity but it shouldn't be long.