Landon's BSSP Report...........Breaking in the new Snowman Custom Rod

Winter is quickly becoming my favorite time of year to sling some bugs.  Maybe it's because I'm excited to get out of the house and on the water or if it's the opportunistic feeders in the stream.  Whatever it is, the weekends like I just had at one of our trout parks in Missouri is why I love it.  Sure fishing a trout park doesn't require the skills needed on other streams that are stocked significantly less or those that have a population of "wild" trout that can reproduce and sustain without the help of the DNR.  I could care less!  If I can get out and make a 3hr drive to the nearest trout water in the winter, I'm focused on quantity not quality. Besides, you won't find me tromping around in a stream that has active redds.  I'll stick to the false redds created by the triploid stockers in our state parks.

Last weekend I got into some really nice fish over 20" that were eating mostly small nymphs and the occasional egg pattern.  There was a nice midge and small black caddis hatch that seemed to come and go throughout the day.  The fish were looking up pretty recklessly as well.  All in all the weather was gorgeous and the fish were hungry making for a great weekend.